“Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.” Albert Einstein

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I’ve got to say that over the last few years, we’ve been seeing more and more of a public awareness-raising effort in the media. I’ve seen specials on the PBS/BBC, a couple of movies featuring asteroid-strikes, and some frighteningly realistic depictions of the asteroid impacts that doomed the dinosaurs on shows like “Walking with Dinosaurs”. Unfortunately, aside from FAIR-Society.org, what I have NOT seen is a real, grass-roots effort to raise public awareness of this threat.

This is our chance. This is our home-base for raising the money necessary to do the research that could save not just the human race, but all life on this planet. We need to do more to get ourselves and FAIR-Society.org in front of people, in their faces. Unlike hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, wars, terrorisms, and tsunamis, THIS is the one real threat we actually CAN do something about–and it’s not even that expensive–for the price of a couple of good cups of coffee at Starbucks, you–or I–could be the one that makes the 15 euro contribution that saves the world.
Literally. Please: join me and donate today….. It’s only FAIR!  Aaron D Freed, American, 03/09/2008

  • “My website is frequently monitoring this stuff, and it is quite scary. One of those rocks hurtles toward Earth, and terrorism will be the last thing on our watch list!” James D. Maselli, Senior Editor at Status Earth 17/11/07
  • “Keep up the good work.” Robert Perry, American, 09/02/06
  • “Fascinating and fabulous, not to mention beautifully thought out and presented.” Amir Hoveyda, Iranian, 07/09/05
  • “Don’t ever loose hope.” In memory of Lourens Puren, 1955–1999, Susan and Lollie Puren, South African, 03/08/05
  • “This is the right way to fund scientific research!” Penelope Connell, Canadian, 10/06/05
  • “Good Work.” Chris Liljenstolpe, American, 20/04/05
  • “No contribution can be described as ‘miniscule’! We are enormously grateful for anything that helps us get the message across especially now when the government is dithering badly. The more people that we can inform, the better our chances of getting something done.” Jonathan Tate, Director, Spaceguard, 01/08/04
  • “Fifteen euros is not much to ask for a lifetime membership which proves the fee is fully utilised.” Marc Bogerd, Thai, 16/07/04
  • If it can happen, then it will happen given time. The question then is only when.” Toney Burkhart, American, 12/07/04
  • “It’s good to see evidence of how much difference even a modest contribution can make at the other end.” Brian Sidaway, Australian, 07/05/04
  • “One person can make a difference.” Clarence Hallett, Canadian,  28/03/04
  • “Good thing the dinosaurs didn’t think of this!” Flip Schrameijer, Dutch, 20/10/02
  • “Searching for tangible space rocks makes more sense than looking for an illusive ET.” Maarten van Dam, Dutch, 30/09/02
  • “It’s everybody’s problem.” Abdulkader al Douni, Syrian, 30/09/02
  • “For Auntie Mary.” Harriet Jarman, English, 27/09/02
  • “Excellent effort.” Theodore Paleologos, Greek, 26/09/02

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.” Winston Churchill

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