My name is David Fagan, founder of the FAIR Society organization. I am not an astronomer or a gent with aptitude in rocket science. Nor am I a bloke with a personal mission to save the world or, indeed, a fellow who fancies himself an entrepreneur with a strange get-rich-quick scheme. I write for pleasure, and in the case of FAIR, I have taken it a step further and put the words into action. Personally, I worry no more about the sky falling on our heads than I do about perishing in a plane crash, tsunami, or other similar-odds catastrophe over which I have no control. Doom and gloom are not my thing.

That’s the beauty of this society: there are no postmembership responsibilities, obligations, or commitments. In fact, we advocate forgetting about falling rocks altogether after joining. That’s FAIR’s job, though we don’t forget your contribution. Members are permanently listed and acknowledged as having actively participated in helping this important and undernourished science, one that holds no cultural, ethnic, political, or geographic boundaries.

Whilst the subject of asteroid research may sound daunting, two simple down-to-earth facts glare. Firstly, there is growing scientific evidence of a global threat, and, secondly, the astronomers researching it need help. But how much help?

Is this science really as broke as it says? Until I researched the matter, I had harboured a perception that scientists always squawk about lack of funding and that “under funded” is science speak for fewer orbital launches or space walks or something… but still entailed big money!

Considering the global magnitude of this subject, it was far worse than I could have imagined.

It’s hard to believe that asteroid research is so financially strapped that a mere €400.00 could make any conceivable difference … but it did! (That in itself speaks volumes for the poor state of this science.)

The objective of FAIR is to help generate awareness and to provide a mechanism whereby anyone, anywhere can help this incredulously unsupported field of astronomy (basically because governments cannot justify spending taxpayer money on looking for future space rocks).

Unlike other natural phenomena, we may be able to preempt a disaster, providing we have adequate warning!

Aside from writing for science, I also write about my village in Greece. Rhubarbs From a Rock (Escaping the Rat Race) can be previewed at It’s a light hearted look at an alternative lifestyle on a small Greek island.

It’s probably because I live on a small island that FAIR formulated. For a sketch of the unusual chain reaction that led to the founding of this society, please see “Wishes and shooting stars.”  [more]

Feedback and questions are welcome. Please feel free to contact me.

Our snail-mail address is Fair-Society c/o, Fagan, Hydra, Greece. (Sufficient as there are no street names or house numbers)

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