A Brief Summary

The sole objective of this website is to generate awareness and to raise money for scientists who specifically research near-Earth asteroids.

The ultimate objective of the FAIR Society is to fund projects that will provide 100 percent coverage of the space in our solar system.

The purpose of this website is

  • To generate awareness about asteroid research and to provide a means for individuals to support this science directly by becoming members of the FAIR Society.
  • [Scientists] worldwide make a request for funding for a specific piece of equipment or service using the guidelines set down by FAIR for [submissions], with a link to their website for further information.
  • Individuals [join as members] via PayPal. The membership is acknowledged on the [Members’ List].
  • Each fee contributed is added to the [Fund], which is allowed to grow over the period of a year. The number of members and the value of the fund to date is shown at the top of the [Members’ List].

At the end of the year, the total fund is [allocated] to the projects that were submitted, and these projects are shown on the [Funded Projects] page, along with acknowledgement of which members fees were used to fund them.

  • When a new financial year starts, the fund grows again, further projects are submitted, then funded with new members.
  • Also see [accountablity].

95 percent of every membership fee paid goes into the fund and is paid directly to the scientists who have submitted projects to the website. See [the Fund]

5 percent is retained on every transaction to cover working expenses, including, but not limited to, credit card transaction charges, hosting and e-mail charges, Internet promotion, and other types of promotional activity, administration, and so forth.

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